Tenda A12 Wireless WiFi Router 300 Mbps Wireless Speed Wireless Range Extender


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Product Overview

Up to 300 Mbps Wireless Speed.

3X3dBi Strong External Antennas

Compatible with 99.99% Routers

Smart WiFi Signal Strength LED

Easy setup.

Product Descriptions
External three high efficiency PCB omnidirectional gain antenna, support 180 degree rotation.
Every antenna receives and transmits wifi signal independently, and the WiFi signal can easily pass through walls and other obstacles.

Tenda A12 determines the optimum location of the repeater based on the color of the indicator light.
When the wifi signals of bathroom, balcony, bedroom and other area can not meet the needs of the internet, you can put it between the router and weak signal areas to extend the wireless wifi coverage range.
After the wireless repeater and the router successfully paired, when your mobile Internet devices, it will choose a strong signal automatically according to the signal strength of the emission source, ensure that you can obtain smooth and stable network experience in every corner of the house
Multi-language Firmware

Product Specifications

Key:Reset reset button
LED lamp:1 x signal intensity indicator
Power Supply:Built in 3.3V1A power
Power consumption no-load:1.66W, full load 1.98W
Rated voltage / frequency / current:100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.3A, Max, CLASS II
Humidity work humidity:10%~90%, non condensing
Storage humidity:5%~90%, non condensing
Temperature operating temperature:0 degrees C~40 degrees C
Storage temperature:-40~70 DEG C
Standard:IEEE802.11b, IEEE, 802.11g, IEEE, 802.11n
Frequency band:2.412~2.484 GHz
Receiving sensitivity:11b:-95dBm 11g:-76dBm 11n:-73dBm
Equipment management:External 3x3dBi detachable antenna
Channel bandwidth:Default 20/40MHz
Working model:Repeater mode (Client + AP)
Wireless security:WPA-PSK/WPA2-PS
DHCP server:Support


(No reviews yet) Write a Review